Special Districts Week 2024

Districts can take action to get engaged now by following a few simple steps:

  • Visit our Special Districts Week Toolkit Page to get copies of
    • Sample Press Release
    • Sample Social Media Icon
    • Sample District Resolution
    • Sample Newsletter Article
  • Submit a letter of support to your legislator by using the sample letter we provide for Assembly Concurrent Resolution 163 (be sure to copy us on your letters of support).
  • Register to attend our Special Districts Legislative Days, held on May 21 - 22. We’ll introduce you to your legislator and you can have a one-on-one discussion about your Special District
  • Complete our Grassroots Mobilization Survey. This lets us know if you would be open to reaching out to a legislative contact in the future regarding bills or legislation affecting your Special District.
  • Ensure your district has adopted a policy governing the process for adopting positions on legislation
    • o Take a look at our sample policy to assist in this process, if needed


Assembly Member Hart introduced Assembly Concurrent Resolution 163 on March 21, 2024. This is California’s sixth annual year celebrating special districts, and CSDA hopes that this year’s Special Districts Week will be even greater for California’s local governments. Similar to previous years, Assembly Concurrent Resolution 163 encourages all Californians to engage with their local communities and become actively involved with the special districts that serve them.


This year’s Special Districts Week runs from May 19 – 25, coinciding with the CSDA’s 2024 Special Districts Legislative Days. The CSDA plans to make a few changes to Special Districts Legislative Days this year – most notably, we plan to directly introduce special districts to their legislators in one-on-one meetings. We believe this will make for an even greater impact and will establish connections between local governments and their state elected representatives.


Resolutions from prior years include Senate Concurrent Resolution 52, introduced by Senator Marie Alvarado-Gil and chaptered in June 2023. That resolution proclaimed the week of May 14 to May 20 to be Special Districts Week. In 2022, Assembly Member Bauer-Kahan introduced ACR 180 – similarly proclaiming the week of May 15 – May 21 as Special Districts Week.