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COVID-19 Relief Funding

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Remote Meetings During Declared Emergencies

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DMTD - Special Districts Week Theme

Special Districts Week

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Take Action Toolkit

Take Action Toolkit

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AB 2093 – 2-Year Email Retention Mandate – Not Moving in 2020

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Signed by the Governor

AB 2107 - Securitized Limited Obligation Notes (SLONs) - SPONSOR

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Take Action Brief

April 2021

CSDA continues to monitor legislation at the state and federal level, in addition to strategizing ways to leverage the transfer authority of $350 billion allocated to states, territories, tribes, counties, and cities in the American Rescue Plan to special districts. CSDA sponsored legislation on the Brown Act during declared emergencies (AB 361) remains a key issue and districts are encouraged to send in letters of support. Federal Earmarks are making a comeback after a 10-year ban as Community Project Funding deadlines approach at the end of April.

Mark your calendars for Special Districts Week, May 16th-22nd as established by Assembly Concurrent Resolution (ACR) 17 and Virtual Legislative Days, held virtually on May 18-19.

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CSDA: Take Action: Engaging With Your Community and Legislators

The Take Action Guide was developed as an overview of the many ways you can engage with the individuals and institutions that shape how your district operates and how it is perceived in your community.

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Grassroots Mobilization Survey

One voice at one district may be able to reach one legislator, but to be successful we must reach all 120 legislators. By answering this survey, you are helping CSDA strengthen advocacy efforts on behalf of all special districts:

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Sample Policy for Adopting Positions on State Legislation

To make sure your district is ready to respond to a CSDA Call to Action in the fast-moving legislative environment, make sure your district has adopted a Legislative Advocacy Policy, governing the process your agency must go through to register your support or opposition to an issue that significantly impacts special districts.

Sample Policy

Key Messages: When Communicating with Legislators, Media, and the Public

As a member resource, CSDA has developed clear, considered, and consistent messages for members to use as desired when communicating on key issues facing special districts.

Key Messages