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Special District Grant Accessibility Act (H.R. 7525 & S. 4673)

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DMTD - Special Districts Week Theme

Special Districts Week

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Updated Surplus Land Act Guidelines

Updated Surplus Land Act Guidelines

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Take Action Toolkit

Take Action Toolkit

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Capitol Columns

Removed from November 2024 Ballot

Initiative #1935 (filed as 21-0042A1): Limits Ability of Voters and State and Local Governments

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Signed by the Governor

Emergency Remote Meetings (AB 557)

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Mid-Year Legislative Report

In the second year of the 2023-2024 Legislative Session, the California State Legislature introduced and CSDA reviewed 2,464 measures. CSDA’s Legislative Committee adopted positions on 1,491 bills and other measures, including 128 priority positions, such as support, support if amended, oppose, oppose unless amended, concerns, and neutral positions following amendments.

CSDA’s 2024 Mid-Year Legislative Report includes an eight-page summary of highlights from the first-half of the year as well as a full bill report on tracked measures, together with CSDA Summaries, copies of letters submitted to the Legislature by CSDA, and other pertinent information concerning bill status.

Issue areas included in the report summary include:

  • Local Revenue
  • Housing and Development Related Fees
  • Brown Act
  • Surplus Land Act
  • Labor and Employment
  • Public Works
  • California Air Resources Board Advanced Clean Fleets Regulation

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Mid-Year Legislative Report

Grassroots Mobilization Survey

One voice at one district may be able to reach one legislator, but to be successful we must reach all 120 legislators. By answering this survey, you are helping CSDA strengthen advocacy efforts on behalf of all special districts:

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Sample Policy for Adopting Positions on State Legislation

To make sure your district is ready to respond to a CSDA Call to Action in the fast-moving legislative environment, make sure your district has adopted a Legislative Advocacy Policy, governing the process your agency must go through to register your support or opposition to an issue that significantly impacts special districts.

Sample Policy

CSDA: Take Action: Engaging With Your Community and Legislators

The Take Action Guide was developed as an overview of the many ways you can engage with the individuals and institutions that shape how your district operates and how it is perceived in your community.

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Key Messages: When Communicating with Legislators, Media, and the Public

As a member resource, CSDA has developed clear, considered, and consistent messages for members to use as desired when communicating on key issues facing special districts.

Key Messages