Special District Grant Accessibility Act

In a major milestone for the nation's special districts, on May 6, 2024, the U.S. House of Representatives overwhelmingly approved the Special District Grant Accessibility Act. The bill (H.R. 7525), which is sponsored by Representative Pat Fallon (R-TX) with original co-sponsorship by Brittany Pettersen (D-CO) and co-sponsorship by 14 Representatives from both sides of the aisle of the California Congressional Delegation, cleared the House on an overwhelming 352-27 vote.

View the May 6, 2024 House Floor action on H.R. 7525

View the March 7, 2024 House Oversight and Accountability Committee action on H.R. 7525

The Special District Grant Accessibility Act embodies the National Special District Coalition’s (NSDC’s) longstanding legislative objective of codifying in federal law a first-ever, formal definition of “special district.” In addition to establishing such a definition, H.R. 7525 would direct federal agencies to recognize special districts as local governments for the purpose of ensuring that districts are eligible to receive appropriate forms of federal assistance, including funding and resources through key grant programs.


In preparation for successful action in the U.S. Senate, CSDA is calling all special districts and organizations that partner and collaborate with special districts to join over 200 signatories on our coalition letter.

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Additionally, please thank your Member of Congress in the House of Representatives for supporting H.R. 7525. If you need help identifying or contacting your Congressional Representative, visit: Find Your Representative | house.gov or contact your CSDA Public Affairs Field coordinator: csda.net/pafc.

  • None of California’s 52 Members of Congress voted No on H.R. 7525, with all voting Yes, except the five Members who were Not Present (Gomez, LaMalfa, Lee, Schiff, and Thompson). Note that LaMalfa, however, is one of 14 co-sponsors from the California Congressional Delegation.

The Latest

Action now turns to the Senate, where NSDC is working with key Members in an effort to advance a companion measure.